Tata Sons- India’s Largest Conglomerate wins Air India Bidding

Historical timeline of Air India and relation with Tata’s

Handover to Government and successive losses across the years

Overall advantages & challenges from the deal for Tata Group

What is in it for the Tatas?

  • Tatas will have access to over a hundred planes, thousands of qualified pilots and crew, and lucrative landing and parking slots all over the world, thanks to Air India.
  • Tatas will gain control of 4,400 domestic and 1,800 international landing and parking slots at domestic airports due to the airline’s performance.
  • The airline has the dubious distinction of having the most personnel on its rolls per aircraft, with 221 employees per plane, compared to 127 people per plane for Lufthansa, 140 for Singapore Airlines, and 178 employees per plane for British Airways.
  • It would buy a 100% investment in Air India Express’ low-cost arm and a 50% stake in AISATS, which provides cargo and ground handling services.

A Few Things for Tatas to Abide By

Final Thoughts



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