Power Dressing Tips from Harvey Specter

Who is Harvey Specter and overview of Suits?

What is Power Dressing for Work?

Why Harvey Specter carefully chooses his suits?

How to Dress for Success in Your Career

How to Dress For Those Awkward “First Day of Work” Moments

  • Dress up in something formal but not too flashy.
  • Dress comfortably but not too casually.
  • Wear what will keep you cool in the office if it’s hot outside or warm inside.
  • Wear what will work with most any setting in the office (i.e., suits for bankers, jeans for techies).

How To Wear Your Suit like Harvey Specter

5 Tips for Men on How to Dress Smart When They’re Meeting With Women

  • Dress to fit your size: Wearing clothes that are too tight, too small, or too big can make you look unprofessional and uncomfortable.
  • Think about how you’ll move: Clothes with extra fabric may get dragged on the ground or get bunched up when you walk. Avoid clothes with buttons or other details on them to avoid these issues. Keep in mind the temperature and choose clothing materials accordingly.
  • Think about what’s appropriate: Make sure your clothes fit the occasion and remember that what’s appropriate for one setting may not be appropriate for another.

6 Proven Ways To Use Clothing To Make You More Attractive

  • The psychology behind clothing as a statement of personal taste as well as a statement of personality.
  • The effect that clothes have on the wearer’s self esteem.
  • How clothing can make you appear more attractive to others.
  • Clothing as a form of social status and power, and how to use it accordingly in different situations and for different purposes.
  • The effect that fashion trends have on people’s perception of an individual’s intelligence, creativity, and personality traits

Top Tips for Wearing Suits More Naturally

  • Wear a suit that fits your body shape
  • Wear a dark suit with a light shirt and tie
  • The jacket should not be too tight or too long
  • Hem the pants to match the length of your shoes
  • Wear trousers if you want to show off your shoes

How to Make a Winning First Impression with Your Clothing Choices?



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Sharing latest trends and stories in technology, business, finance, wellness and work from home