How does Ugaoo create green spaces, Indoor, and Outdoor?

The Popularity of Indoor Gardens

The Ugaoo Case Study

  1. The Ugaoo case study reveals how the savants use social media to show off their extensive collections and teach viewers how to care for plants.
  2. They have encouraged people through an online community, talking about plants, sharing photos, and supporting each other during the challenging lockdown period.
  3. Since many people were alone, without family and friends, they took to plants, which was very grounding.
  4. Plants are appreciated and gifted for their overarching beauty of life and help you deal with your vulnerabilities. Besides beauty, people are searching for stability and protection.
  5. Plants give you a purpose, however small and need nurture and care, or they will die, so they struggle to live and thrive, which motivates humans.

Why Did Indoor Plants Gain Popularity?


To buy new plants and signup to Ugaoo's Plant Subscription, visit



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